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Wire-Wrapped Jewelry

Artist, BJ, uses semi-precious stones, such as Peridot, Citrine and Black Opal in combination with his wire-wrapped designs.
Discover wire-wrapped Bolo ties.
Cork. Combines the ancient with the contemporary, showing the beauty of cultural heritage in a modern context.
Rishar Miranda's jewelry is constructed in sterling silver and 14K gold accented with precious and semi precious gemstone. Rishar creates a variety of rings, bracelets and pins.
"Gallery of sterling silver. Handcrafted wire art jewelry with beads from Africa, India, Thailand
A large selection of handcrafted gemstone jewelry from jewelry designer Preston Reuther.
Specializes in offering original wire-wrapped jewelry.
Designer Ann Turpin Thayer showcases her wire-wrap jewelry creations featuring 14k gold, gemstones and pearls.
Have a favorite name spelled out in wire, or, purchase a wire-wrapped necklace, bracelet, pendant or ring.
Our wire is made from a tube of 12 karat gold or sterling silver. All items are guaranteed against breakage with normal wear.
Wire-wrapped jewelry, with an emphasis on wire-wrapped names and words.